Who is Frozen Tundra Co.?

::: Hey there! :::

We are Deb & Ali, a mother-daughter duo from Northern Minnesota (aka the Frozen Tundra). We love spending time together, traveling and creating. When we aren't working on new designs or pressing shirts, you'll find us working our day jobs, biking, running and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen.

Deb is a mother of three (Ali is the oldest) and grandmother to one. By day she is an HR specialist. By night she is a bike riding, baking, shirt pressing crazy lady. Every possible chance she has, she travels with her husband Greg. Last year alone they visited: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Memphis, Mexico, California, and numerous Minnesota landmarks. One of her life ambitions is to visit all of the National Parks. Another life ambition...to sell enough shirts to pay for all of her travel habits.

Ali is Deb's oldest and coolest kid (who was obviously in charge of writing these bios). Ali graduated college pre-law with her eyes set on being a family lawyer. A few plot twists later and she is happily married to Kevin and is a Mother to Henley Elsa, her mini-me. By day she works at the Fire Department and by night she runs, cooks and designs stationery and apparel. Yep, you read that right, she has two small businesses. She is the mastermind behind all of the snarky and sweary t-shirt designs you see - some may say she has a bit of an attitude problem, she says "screw 'em!" She loves to travel (like her Mama) and go to country concerts. Live music and tiny human smooches feed her soul.

We hope you'll find something here you can't live without!